Commercial Grade Water Coolers

image of water coolers

Pro Series Cooler

  • Graceful design, easy to maintain and convenient to use
  • Food grade stainless steel hot tank & cooling tank
  • Large and durable drip tray
  • High quality & efficient compressor for reliable and consistent performance
  • Available in White or Black
  • 5 years limited warranty
image of water cooler which stores bottle underneath
internal image of water cooler with bottle stored underneath

Bottom Load Cooler

Contemporary, state of art design, fits into any home or office decor. This water cooler has many features including variable hot and cold temperature controls and a large LED display with touch screen controls.

Bottle Buddy

Keep your bottles up and out of the way. The Bottle Buddy system keeps the 5 gallon water bottles off the floor.

image of bottle buddy 5 gallon bottle holder