Iowa H2O Label Bottled Water

image of Iowa H2O 5 gallon bottles
5 Gallon Bottles (Also Available in 3 Gallon)
image of 24-pack of Iowa H2O 16.9 oz. water bottles
24-Pack 16.9 oz. Purified Water

Our water source is a 400 foot well located in downtown Fort Dodge, IA. The well taps into the Mississippian Aquifer, which provided years of quality water to Rosedale Creamery. Once taken from the well, all sediment is removed and then it is processed by reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is a purification process by which 99.8% of contaminants are removed from the water, reducing the total dissolved solids from 858ppm to 3ppm. Ozone is introduced to prevent bacterial growth. Ozone is the most effective way to eliminate contaminants and toxins in the water without leaving a chemical mark. Therefore, our entire process results in a pure, chemical free water...pure h2o.

image of water cooler and water storage shelves
5 Gallon Water Cooler with Bottle Buddies