About Us

We specialize in bottled water and water treatment.

John Miles, certified water specialist holding a 5 gallon bottle

Our bottled water starts from the Mississippian Aquifer deep under the ground. It then is purified by state-of-the-art equipment utilizing reverse osmosis and ozonation. All of this happens at our Fort Dodge plant location.

image of preformed water bottles in machine

Not only is our water exceptional, our water bottles are structurally superior. We use 28 millimeter thick plastic and blow mold our own bottles.

What results is a sturdier, high quality bottle that does not collapse in your grip.

image of water bottler
image of water softener and salt tank

We also carry a full line of water treatment products to soften, filter and purify the water in your home. Whether you are in the country, or reside in the city, we can handle any problem water.